building specification  

Family house with active an passive use of solar energy and natural cooling.

The design of the house was made fore active use of solar energy  during the heating period and Sun protection during the hot summer period.

Big cantilevers specially en the South facade have been designed fore sun protection of the windows an the facade with both is important to keep the building cool during the summer.

Cool air ventilation tubs were be installed underneath the cellar cementations, they support the ventilation air in hot summertime, the ventilators of this tubes are electronically programmed according of the house owners needs.

Heating by an system of  solar air panels with air distribution conducts.
The excess energy  can be stored in an rock bed ( rockbox) fore later use.
The execs energy can also be used by an Air-water heat exchanger to heat the water.

The whole heating system is electronically programmed and controlled by a solar pilot.

scheme solar system