Corruption and nepotism are out in Spanish Authorities.

German Clients told me some time ago „ we  will do the applyment fore the building license with Arquitecto X  because he has so good connections to the town hall that we will have the license in 2 month, but once we have the license we  would like you to do the Work plans and the supervising“

I consulted an Arquitecto of calvias town hall about this item.
He confirmed me that all projects are worked at according the list of presentation at the town hall, and if I should be aware of an incidence as explained before, I should inform the town hall and the responsible person will be made responsible.

I phoned the clients after 6 month again , and of course they did not have the license ,because Calvias working time on license was during that time 9 Month.

In every town hall work employs of the state , employees of the town-hall
And employees witch are members in different political parties.
They watch each other , and don’t want to risk a very save job  as official employee.

This is the reason why Corruption and nepotism are out in the lower and middle management of the  Spanish town halls.

Everybody who tells you that he has the best connections to the town hall ,
( Because his daughter boyfriend knows the secretary etc,..) and that he can achieve extraordinary things fore you , only tries to archive  something  from you, he normally would not get !

Commissions are normal

Every state agency I know ( I cant tell you witch ones I know )
If he sells a house fore renovating , ore a plot , first makes the contact between the client and an recommended constructor . The constructor  is obliged to include 10% ( witch he has to pay to the stat agency) of the building costs in his offer.
I was asked by state agencies how much I would pay if they pass me clients. I answered “ nothing, but I treat them well”  the result  you can imagine .

How to avoid commissions :
Get an exact – call fore tenders - with exact description of quantity  y qualities.
And call fore tenders yourself .
Don’t ask the agent for  recommendation that dos not work! He will phone the constructer before you get in contact with him , and the commission will be included . 

The sympatric seller goes with you also to kitchen firms ( this is of course service )
The kitchen in Mallorca al seem to be  a little expensive, what could be the  reason ?

Spanish know all this tricks , with them they don’t work .

Another trick is that one:

We have been invited fore dinner by him , he is sooo nice .
You are already very close friends ? Even so you know each other a sort time , ....
muy bien ! ,  in the  best case this means , that all  his  future bills you have to pay without any discussion. 

Catalan / Mallorquin:


  1. Articulo 3 de la Constitución española  and 
  2. Articulo 35.D de la ley 30 / 1992 de 26 de noviembre de régimen jurídico y procedimiento administrativo común.

every authority en catalunya  and  Mallorca  have to communicate with you in Catalan or in Spanish, depends on what YOU select .

Actual construction ( augost 2006) in Alcudia fore spanish Clients